General Information about the Trans-Thüringia 2016

Winterworld, snow-covered woods, silence....suddenly a sled dog team appears silently and disappears  again around the next bend. You did not see this up in the high North or even in Canada - but in the middle of Thüringen, Germany.

Along the Rennsteig the longest sled dog-race using only purebred dogs, the Trans-Thüringia takes place. Teams from all regions of Germany and the whole European continent take part.

Around 500 sled dogs and their mushers travel nearly 300 kilometres during 6 runs.

There are the big, friendly and strong Malamutes from North America, the impatient and hard-working Greenland dogs, which are still working-dogs at their home in Greenland, the white, whirlwind like Samojeden, bred by the Samojede tribe from the Ural and last but not least the well known and beloved Siberian Huskies originating from eastern Siberia.

The race has different classes, depending on the number of dogs. During the whole race vets are caring for the dogs. Only healthy, well-trained and purebred dogs are allowed to start.

The opening will be on Manday the 30th of January 2017 in Masserberg at 4.30 p.m. at the starting area. There you can see the starters together with their dogs.

From Thirsday, the 31th of January all runs lead around Masserberg. Thirsday the 45 kilometer long, so called Prolog takes place. Wendsday, the 1th February you can see two runs, one at 9.00 a.m. and the second at 4.00 p.m. ending at the twilight. Then you can welcome the mushers with the teams illuminated by their headlamps.Tuesday the 2th February mushers and their dogs are again on trail for 45 km a day,  From Frydayd, the 3th on, the teams will start for the next three stages from Neustadt am Rennsteig. , the 4th of February all participants of the race will finish at a Biwak  and stay there in their tents overnight, continuing the next morning, the 6th February back to the finish in Neustadt am Rennsteig.

Same day around 5.00 p.m. the winner celebration will take place at the stake out-place in Neustadt am Rennsteig.

The organiser have only one urgent request:

Visitors should not bring their own dogs close to the Trail. Although sled dogs are nice and gentle with humans, they don’t accept strange dogs around.

All questions about this event and your holidays in Thüringen will be answered by the friendly staff of the tourist offices in Neustadt a.R. and Masserberg.

Information about the Trans-Thüringia can be found in the local press or the internet:
*dates of races could be changed depending on snow  / weather